Christy Cellitti

Licensed Massage Therapist

Christy graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage therapy in 2009. Since graduation she has had her own practice in Rockford, IL. She has completed many certifications and continuing education courses to give her the most tools and modalities to be able to care for individuals in whatever way is best suited for their unique health care and wellness needs. She is planning to continue her education and is beginning prerequisite courses for nursing school in January 2020. She prides herself in being a lifelong learner much like Dr. Sam and is a welcomed new edition to our team to meet your massage therapy needs. 

Palmer Alumni Advantage

Jenny Jorgensen

Chiropractic Assistant

Dr. Samantha Bradley graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with both her Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelors of Science degrees. Prior to her Palmer education she attended a technical school in Atlanta, GA for massage therapy certification. Dr. Bradley graduated high school from Belvidere High School. While in high school she was very involved in the community being a cheerleader, Choralier and news section editor of the newspaper. She is the first chiropractor in her family. She is also the first in her family to obtain a college degree.
Dr. Sam’s biggest passion is caring for patients of all generations from birth through retirement years. She would love to see entire families come to get adjusted to improve everyone’s overall
health and wellness. She has completed Webster certification and is currently in the process of earning her diplomate in pediatric chiropractic care. She prefers to utilize Palmer Package techniques including Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompsontechniques. Dr. Sam’s philosophy is to utilize techniques that are the least invasive and best suited for each individual patient. She also feels it is important to utilize physiotherapy techniques including massage therapy. At the age of 16 Dr. Sam was in a car accident and began seeing the chiropractor for her whiplash injuries. At the age of 17 her chiropractor saved her life by performing a thorough examination and admitting a condition was out of his scope referring her to the ER. Upon arrival to the ER Dr. Sam was told she was within 4 hours of losing both her kidneys. As a massage therapist Dr. Sam was seeing the chiropractor three times a week, and she decided she might as well just become one herself. She had already been saved and relieved from so much pain so many times she wanted to be able to give that gift to others. Dr. Sam is extremely excited to be able to practice in her hometown of Belvidere.


Jenny began her journey at GCW as a patient, along with her special needs daughter and husband and now her entire family has began to understand the importance of chiropractic health for optimal wellness. She originally joined us as an as needed support staff member, but she is now our one and only. She hopes to continue to greet every patient with a smile and with honesty as our integrity is something we pride ourselves upon.

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